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What Sets Us Apart

Our fresh and customer driven approach avoids the problems many homeowners experience with the typical approach to block and estate management.

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A ‘Director Led’ Service

A Director will be hands-on in the day-to-day management of your block and estate, no matter how routine or complex the issue may be.

Key benefits our customers receive with this service

Guaranteed consistency by removing the setbacks you would otherwise experience with a frequent change of Property Manager.

Allows personal and long-standing relationships to be built with our clients, homeowners and residents.

No longer do you have to escalate a matter to grab the attention of experienced individuals. You will have constant access to a wealth of knowledge and expert advice.

Ensures your block and estate are being managed with a long-term vision which means service charges will be spent with greater efficiency.

Decisions affecting your estate will be made by someone that has a holistic view of all current matters. This means quick and efficient decisions.

No longer will you be passed from one department to the next to have your query resolved.

In-House Expertise

All essential block and estate management, service charge and leasehold responsibilities are carried out in-house. This allows us to respond promptly and keep costs to a minimum.

Local Contractors

We will always use local contractors where possible. If a problem arises, you need to know that our contractors can attend quickly to get the job done.


Our communication is timely and concise. We use our online portal, newsletters, regular meetings with Residents’ Management Companies, AGMs to keep homeowners informed.

An Innovative Service

We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure our service remains cost-effective, up to date with technology and homeowner expectations.

Here are a few examples

Rather than using more traditional and costly access equipment, we work with suppliers that use drones to survey high level areas and modern tools for cleaning and inspecting gutters safely from ground floor level.
The use of electric vehicles is on the increase. We keep our eyes and ears open for solutions to install charging points at communal estates, whilst keeping service charges to a minimum.
Two-way communication. We welcome all types of feedback, good and bad, from our customers. It’s essential we learn and improve.

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