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Use our expertise to get the all-important details correct from the design stage, to scheme mobilisation and full management of your development and asset.
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By using our wealth of knowledge on the complexities of block and estate management, we can help avoid many of the common causes of disputes which arise between developers, freeholders and homeowners at new builds. We can add immediate value to your project from as early as the design stage.

We guide developers by offering clear and pragmatic solutions in the following areas:

Practical measures to be incorporated into the design of the communal facilities, by considering the financial implications for the service charge payer and behavioural patterns of residents.

Prepare a realistic service charge budget using local suppliers.

Review the draft lease to ensure the management and service charge obligations are adequate, by taking into account the specifics of the block and estate, legislation and best practice guidelines.

Work with the developers sales team to prepare pre-sales and post-sales packs.

Getting these details correct from the beginning goes a long way to managing homeowner expectations and creating positive relationships with a variety of stakeholders.

But get these details wrong, and this can cause many issues for years to come!

However big or small your development project may be, contact us to see how we can help.

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Asset management

Asset Management

Do you want to keep ownership of the freehold or sell it? Do you want to be responsible for managing the communal areas and service charges?

These are two key considerations for freeholders. How easily you can achieve your desired outcome can be affected by the design of the development, the wording of the lease and legislation. Failing to understand these details can cause freeholders to be burdened with ongoing obligations they were not expecting and suffer financially. You could even be forced to sell the freehold of your asset at a loss if you fail to comply with various legislation.

We help protect your investment by advising you on these important details. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

Once we understand your vision for your asset, we implement a proactive approach to achieve your goals through a variety of tools, including:

Our expert block and estate management service.

10-year capital expenditure reports so we’re planning ahead for major works.

Building successful and longstanding relationships with homeowners and residents. We work as a team to help maintain your asset.

Identifying improvements to your building and estate to keep in line with changing homeowner expectations.

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We’re here to help

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